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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a URL shortener?
A URL shortener, sometimes called a Link shortener, is a tool that converts long URLs into more manageable, shorter versions that still direct to the desired webpage.

URL shorteners enable users to create branded short links using the service's or their custom domain. Moreover, they allow customization of the back half of a short link, making it more readable for the audience and potentially generating more clicks compared to a standard URL.

When it comes to online operations, using a URL shortener can be a game-changer. Platforms like WoWLink provides a comprehensive solution for creating, managing, and tracking short links and their click statistics. This amplifies the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, making them more successful.
What are the benefits of using short links?

Short links are invaluable for anyone looking to improve their online presence:

  • Improved Usability and Clean Design: Shortened URLs from WoWLink are easy to share and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Boosted Click-Through Rates: Customize your short web URLs to make them more appealing and relevant.
  • Advanced Metrics: Track detailed analytics to monitor engagement and optimize your strategies.
  • Brand Recognition: Use custom short links to make your brand more visible and memorable.
  • Efficiency on Social Platforms: Save space and communicate more effectively on platforms like Twitter.
  • Effective Management: Organize and update your URLs effortlessly using’s intuitive interface.
Is WoWLink free URL shortener?
Yes, WoWLink offers a free URL shortening service with essential features such as custom aliases and link tracking. We provide premium plans with extended capabilities for users seeking more advanced features.
What is a short link?
A short link is a more compact version of a long URL, designed for easier sharing and improved aesthetics. With WoWLink, you can generate short links that are both memorable and user-friendly, enhancing your digital communications.
What is a branded short link?
A branded short link from WoWLink integrates your custom domain, enhancing brand consistency and recognition across digital platforms. These links leverage the benefits of traditional short URLs while strengthening your brand's identity online.
What sets WoWLink apart from other URL shorteners?
WoWLink is more than just a URL shortener, it is a comprehensive link management platform with patented technology that allows you to collect consent from users when they click on links and legally use the data as you wish.
Can I use my own custom or branded domains with WoWLink?
Definitely! WoWLink allows the use of custom or branded domains for URL shortening, enabling you to maintain a coherent brand image across all communications.
What kind of data can be tracked with WoWLink?
WoWLink provides comprehensive analytics on your short links, including the number of clicks, device usage, browser types, and geographic information. You can also see line-by-line information on each click, helping you fine-tune your marketing approaches.
What is a QR code and how is it used with WoWLink?
A QR code is a barcode that links directly to a web URL when scanned. With WoWLink, you can create customized QR codes for any URL, enhancing both digital and print marketing campaigns.
Do short links from WoWLink expire?
Our short links are permanent, providing a reliable method for sharing your content indefinitely. However, you have full control to delete any link as needed.